DJI’s New Controller Will Take Your Drone Flying To New Heights!

DJI’s New Controller Will Take Your Drone Flying To New Heights!

Love flying your drone but hate using your smartphone with it? Well, there's good news as DJI used the CES Show in Las Vegas to unveil its newest product, the Smart Controller, which has been designed for use with the new Mavic 2 drones and will help users take the drone-flying to the next level.

The DJI Smart Controller offers a huge 5. 5-inch LCD.

The Smart Controller features a huge 5. 5-inch integrated LCD ultra-bright display that will enable pilots to fly their Mavic 2 Zoom or Mavic 2 Pro drones (which use DJI's OcuSync 2. 0 video transmission system) without the need for a tablet or smartphone. The screen gives a Full HD view, can be used in direct sunshine conditions and the display offers an output of 1000 cd/m2 – twice the brightness of standard smartphones.

The Controller display is twice as bright as a regular smartphone screen.

DJI explains that; “a customizable Android dashboard supports DJI GO 4, DJI Pilot, along with various third-party apps such as editing programs. The DJI GO 4 app also touts several new features including SkyTalk, that allows pilots to livestream the drone’s camera feed to social channels including Facebook, Instagram and WeChat so that anyone can experience the thrill of flying a drone. "

The DJI Smart Controller offers a 2. 5 hour battery life.

The DJI Smart Controller offers two and a half hours of battery life and can operate in a varied temperature range of hot and cold conditions (from -4° Fahrenheit to 104° Fahrenheit). The DJI Smart Controller is available to buy now and carries a price-tag of $649 in the US, although combination packages of the Smart Controller with Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom will be available as well. You can watch a video showing more of the DJI Smart Controller’s features below…

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