Old Fashioned Marketing Still Works in Wedding Photography

The Internet has been brilliant for building a platform, but it is only one pillar… Did you know that ninety percent of small businesses fail within the first two years? With very few exceptions, having one way of marketing is the quickest way to join the 90%.

How the Magic of Street Photography Can Inform Our Wedding Photos

Street photography has always been the cool kid of the photographic industry, and wedding photography has ever been the oldfangled unfashionable square. Even landscape photographers in their fishing vests and hiking boots seem to get more street cred than wedding snappers.

Couple Claims They Were Tricked by Amateur Wedding Photographer Using Stock Photos

An elderly English couple took to the papers last week to share the unfortunate story of how they were tricked into hiring an amateur photographer for their wedding, alleging that the unnamed photographer was passing off stock photography as their own on their social media pages. The photographer in question is not named in the […]

Why So Much Wedding Photography is Boring, and How to Change That

In a recent video, photographer and YouTuber Jamie Windsor shared some insightful thoughts on wedding photography: why so much of it looks the same (read: boring) and how wedding photographers like himself can help change that with each new couple they shoot.

Wedding Photog: This is Why Guests Should Put Phones Away

A Texas-based wedding photographer is making waves online after speaking out against a wedding guest who ruined an important photo by sticking her iPhone into the aisle at the ceremony. Fort Worth-based photographer Hannah Mbalenhle Stanley of Hannah Way Photography was shooting a wedding recently when a guest blocked her view during the bride’s entrance […]

Wedding Photogs Berated for Refusing to Work with Influencer for Free

UK-based wedding photographers Frankie Lowe and Laura Dunning of Betrothed & Co recently ran afoul of an Instagram “influencer,” whose PR person seemed flabbergasted that the pair would choose not to work for free, for two years, in exchange for exposure to her client’s 55,000 followers. The story begins with an email from someone named […]

Why Empathy is the Most Important Trait of a Wedding Photographer

There are few things in life I treasure more than the photographs I have. Some are on the walls, some in albums and many hundred are in shoe boxes in the cupboard and each one has its own story. As I get a little older and maybe a little wiser, the value of these photographs […]

Dear Wedding Vendors: Photographers Dont Owe You Images

In a recent episode of the podcast we host, The Secret Life of Weddings, we chatted about a major hot topic among wedding photographers these days. We got a little heated and felt it was important enough to write out our thoughts as well.

5 Wedding Photography Tips for If Youre Just Starting Out

While I was working full-time as a wedding photographer, I was shooting around 30 to 40 weddings a year. I would spend my weekends shooting and during the week I would be editing, responding to emails, writing blog posts, and watching cat videos errm, I mean doing very important other business related stuff like making […]

Dont Ruin Your Wedding Photography Career Before It Starts

So, you are about to embark on your first solo wedding shoot of your career. Youve got butterflies in your stomach, youre stressed, and the pressure is most certainly setting in. Dont panic, read this carefully and you will be well prepared for photographing the most important day of someones life. A little background on […]

Destination Wedding Survival Guide for Photographers

Have you considered offering destination wedding photography to your clients but questioned the amount of work and risks involved? We will dive deep in this article, covering various topics to help you succeed on your first destination wedding assignment.

We Asked Wedding Photographers for Their Top Business Tips

My name is Andy Hudson, and I’m the co-founder of Photographers Keeping it Real. We recently asked our Facebook group for one golden rule of business they believed hugely important. As youd expect, we got some “golden egg” answers and some more on the dog egg side of the spectrum, but the latter ones werent […]

How I Shot A Wedding With Just One 35mm Lens

I recently shot a wedding with just one lens, a Rokinon 35mm t/1.5 on a Sony a7S II body. This was completely unplanned and wasnt done to prove any point. I also carried multiple lenses and bodies in my bag that cover all the focal lengths I normally use: 24-70mm f/2.8, 55mm f/1.8, 85mm f/1.8, […]

I Fell Into the Ocean While Shooting a Wedding

This is the story of how I fell into the ocean while shooting a wedding. I was contracted to shoot a wedding for a couple named Erin and Ben. It was poised to be a beautiful day: we had great weather and everyone involved was super excited as the wedding ceremony was to be out […]

I Shot My First Wedding and Didnt Mess It All Up. Heres What I Learned.

My name is Alex Hengen, and I’m a non-pro, non-wedding photographer. Last year I took a few pictures at my sister’s wedding, and my cousin, having his own wedding coming up, saw some of my shots on Facebook and asked if I would photograph their wedding. I agreed. I had 8 full months to prep. […]

Photo Idea: How to Shoot the Perfect Wedding Photo in 6 Steps

Ed Greggory of Photos in Color has put together a 3 minute guide that will show you how to shoot the so-called “perfect wedding photo” in just 10 steps. We’re not sure about that “perfect” bit, but it’s a fun idea that’s worth checking out.

Why I Love Wedding Photography

Im a wedding photographer, and I love it. I dont shoot anything else and I really dont want to either. In all my career as a freelancer I have shot everything from boxing matches to restaurant interiors.

These Diablo-Themed Pre-Wedding Photos are a Cosplayers Dream

Betrothed couple Alexis Loo and Alvin Lau are passionate about the video game Diablo III. So passionate, in fact, that they hired photographer and digital artist Mezame Shashin-ka to shoot some Diablo-themed pre-wedding photos that would do their gaming passion justice.

Photographer Gets an Entire Wedding to Do the Mannequin Challenge

This might be one of those few times when the word “epic” applies. For her latest newsworthy feat, celebrity wedding photographer Suzanne Delawar managed to get an entire weddingwedding party and gueststo stand perfectly still several times for the #mannequinchallenge.

How I Became a Celebrity Wedding Photographer

I was 13 years old when I was first bitten by the photography bug, merely as a matter of happenstance. Though I wasnt completely isolated from photography, as my father was already shooting weddings at the time, he happened to need an assistant one particular day so I tagged along. After seeing what his work […]

5 Tips for Rescheduling Wedding Photography Due to COVID-19

The current COVID-19 pandemic needs no introduction. Im sure if you are a wedding photographer like myself then your business will have been hit HARD over the last couple of weeks. Personally, weve gone from having a full diary with many weddings we were SO looking forward to, to now not knowing when we will […]

Wedding Photography vs. Videography: Pros and Cons

So youre about to shoot someones wedding. Thats amazing — its an incredible opportunity to be part of one of the most intimate and beautiful experiences in human love. But between photography and videography, which medium gets the job done? Im the co-owner of CineStory Films, a Los Angeles-based wedding video and photo service, and […]

Bear Crashes Wedding Shoot, Photo Bombs Bride and Groom

Knoxville, TN-based wedding photographer Leah McMahan Edmondson of Gypsy Soul Photography had to deal with an unexpected photobomber at a recent photo shoot in Gatlinburg. While taking portraits of the newlyweds, a large black bear strolled into the background of her shot, before taking a walk down the aisle. Edmondson tells PetaPixel that the furry […]

A Letter to New and Aspiring Wedding Photographers

I have read so many magazine articles, social media posts, and had discussions in which established photographers dont think new and aspiring photographers should be allowed to chart the same course that they once did (and perhaps still do).

Why Ill Never Be a Wedding Photographer

I have seen so many posts across various websites and Facebook groups this week all centered around one theme: wedding photography. Wedding season is well and truly upon us and I guess that everyone whos getting married this summer has already booked their photographer.

Wedding Photographer Pushes Stepmom Aside to Get the Shot

Wedding photographers often complain of ‘Uncle Bobs,’ or relatives who get in the way of professional photographers while trying to snap their own photos. When photographer Ashley Easterling encountered this during a wedding ceremony recently, she refused to allow the relative to ruin the bride and groom’s first kiss photo. The 46-second video shows Josh […]

Dear Newbie Wedding Photographer, Heres Some Honest Advice

Last week I received an email from a local wife-and-husband team of wedding photographers. Heres what it said… We hope your wedding season is going well and you are enjoying this beautiful weather! We are a husband and wife photography team based out of [a Wisconsin area] who still have dates available to book for […]

KelbyOne Launches New $10 a Month Subscription Plan with 300+ Online Photography Courses

Steve Brazill ofThis Week in Photographycalled KelbyOnes photography education the standard by which all online training is judged. Tens of thousands of dedicated members in over 120 countries around the world would certainly agree with Steve, but until now KelbyOnes Pro Plan has been a little pricey for some. Well, that all changed as KelbyOne […]

Photog POV: Shooting a Wedding Day from Start to Finish

Wedding photographer Taylor Jackson made this inspiring 23-minute video showing how he shot a wedding day from start to finish, as seen from his point of view. Starting from the bridal party’s preparations to shooting portraits of the newly-married couple after the reception, Jackson shares behind-the-scenes footage, his resulting photos, and his commentary throughout. You […]

Wedding Photographer Captures Owl Attacking Best Man

UK wedding photographer Stacey Oliver was photographing a castle wedding ceremony earlier this month when an owl was brought out to bring the rings down the aisle. Things didn’t exactly go according to plan, resulting in a series of very memorable wedding photos.

How NOT to Photograph a Wedding as a Guest

Theres a new cringeworthy video making the rounds that shows what can happen when a wedding guests attempt at capturing the perfect photo goes very, very wrong. The Brazilian photography website Amor Pela Fotografia shared the 25-second video on its Facebook page.

5 Ways to Creatively Upskill Your Wedding Photography at Home

COVID-19 isolation is a tricky time for wedding photographers. Upskilling might already be on your radar as you think about putting time into your wedding photography business over this time where weddings have been banned pretty much across the globe.

Professional Courtesy, Dude: Website Designer vs Wedding Photographer

I was sent an article yesterday. It is entitled A Photographer is One Ingredient In a Recipe of Many. I was asked to read it and provide my thoughts. Its written as a response by a website designer who, in her own words, was just sent the MOST OBNOXIOUS email of my life from a […]

Photographing an Entire Wedding at ISO 5000 After Dark

In this video, wedding photographer Taylor Jackson takes you behind the scenes on one of the most stressful and challenging wedding photography scenarios you’re likely to run into: shooting an entire wedding after dark, using ambient light.

Is it Irresponsible to Shoot a Wedding on a Single Memory Card?

A year or so ago, I wrote an article on why I switched from Nikon to Sony. A few people asked why I didnt move to the Nikon mirrorless system. And the answer was simple: I didnt want to risk shooting a wedding with a single memory card slot. I shoot RAW to both cards […]

Pro Wedding Photographers Compare iPhone 11 Pro to Canon 5D Mark IV

There’s no doubt the iPhone 11 Pro’s new triple camera and computer vision tech has significantly improved the smartphone’s camera performance, especially in low light. But how far has the phone really come, and can the results hold up against a DSLR in the hands of a wedding photographer? San Francisco-based wedding photographers Jamie and […]

Best of Weddings Award-Winning Photog Sued by Multiple Couples

A multiple-award-winning Florida wedding photographer is being called out by the local news after multiple couples have sued him, claiming he failed to deliver the photos and videos they were owed. Stories of couples suing wedding photographersrightfully and otherwisefor failing to deliver images and video are not uncommon. What is uncommon is for these photographers […]

How to Be a Good Second Shooter in Wedding Photography

Whether youre using it as a route into full-time wedding photography yourself, or just like shooting weddings with less responsibility, being a second shooter can be great fun. But there are responsibilities that come with being a second shooter, especially if you want to be invited back to shoot again! As a professional wedding photographer, […]

Are Wedding Photography Competitions Fixed?

In recent years Ive been privileged to be on the jury for a whole range of photography competitions. These include single image competitions such as WPS International Excellence Awards, Masters of Wedding Photography, and the Irish wedding photography awards (In association with Learning to Fly). And with a different focus, Ive judged a couple of […]