Photography Cheat Sheet: How to Protect Your Camera in Cold Weather

We're sure many of you will be heading out to spend the holidays in winter wonderlands, and will definitely be busy shooting. So you don't forget to keep your precious gear in perfect working condition, we're sharing some helpful tips from Canon in their quick photography cheat sheet.

My 20 Photos Of Subalpine Area In Winter, Tatra Mountains

I present you with a photo album containing some of the photos I took during my winter hike from Zakopane to Kasprowy Wierch. The beauty of nature at the upper altitudes of Tatra Mountain greatly surprised me. Thus I wanted to share it with other people.

I Stayed In The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

With winter coming closer I thought it was the right time to post some pictures from my stay at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort last year. The resort is known as the original glass igloo hotel. It's situated in Finish Lapland and offered a wide range of activities: dog sledding and hot tea afterwords, making food, horseback riding, walking dogs and most importantly watching the Aurora, the main reason for our trip to the high north.

3 Weather Sealed Camera Bags Under $200 That are Perfect for Winter

We always talk about weather sealed lenses and weather sealed camera bodies, but what about weather sealed camera bags? Having a camera bag that can withstand the elements is a wonderful thing, especially if some of the gear you carry inside of it doesn't have that luxury.

Felix Indens Mesmerizing Fairy Tale Landscapes of the Lofoten Islands

If moody landscapes are your thing, one of the best places to find them is up north, where nature is often both moving and intense. In his latest set, German landscape photographer Felix Inden showed us another destination to add on our must-visit list: the Lofoten Islands of Norway, which is home to some of the most magical landscapes of the Arctic Circle.

Wild Squirrels Celebrate Easter

Every year I capture an Easter squirrel photo series. Always with new scenes and props. This time the big difference is that there is still 1-meter snow laying in the end of March here in the middle of Sweden.

Bucharest As A Winter Wonderland

The first week of March, Romania greeted spring with heavy snowfalls and extreme cold weather as temperatures dropped under -20 degrees Celsius. The whole country was under orange alert for a few days, and schools closed for one week to the joy of many kids but the city looked like a winter wonderland, very surreal under all the snow.

See the Netherlands Historically Cold Winter in Before-and-After Photos

Last week was extremely cold in my country, the Netherlands. February 28th was the coldest 28th of February in history, breaking the record set in 1904. Its crazy to experience this kind of weather here while some of my friends in Norway and Iceland are having warmer weather. Temperatures of around -10C (14F) at night […]

I Tried Photographing My Kids More At Home And This Is What Happened

I noticed I was photographing my own kids less and less. The weather was cold outside, the days were dark, the schedule was busy, there never seemed a "right time". I decided to keep my camera close by at home to capture what pulled at my heart, whatever that may be.

Nandakumar Narasimhans Photo Diary is a Peek Into Himalayan Winters

All images byNandakumar Narasimhan. Used with Creative Commons permission. The most effective and enduring travel photos create a picture of a place by telling a story. This is what aspiring travel photographers work to learn and achieve through practice and trust in their sense of adventure. If you’re one of these creatives who is seeking

Franck Bohbot Captures a Dreamy New York City in Velvet Snow

The start of 2018 saw New York City making it to global headlines for the snowstorm that pummeled and paralyzed the metropolis. While that was a case of extreme weather that hits the city every few years, New York-based photographer and filmmaker Franck Bohbot shows that snowfall can also turn the Big Apple into a cinematic winter wonderland.

Skander Khlif Captures the Beauty of Winter in Munich

The unique and moody imagery of winter will always be a source of inspiration, stories, and ideas for photographers. It doesn't matter where you are in the world; as long as winter comes to your city, you're bound to find something worth capturing.

Photographing The Cranes Migration

A few years ago when I was studying photography I wanted to document the power of the nature and one of the most special experiences in Israel is to watch the huge numbers of cranes that land at hula valley at the winter, to rest and refill their energy to continue migrating to Africa.

Stijn Hoekstra Takes Us Around a Cinematic Amsterdam in Winter

If you've seen and loved the faces and scenes of Cuba captured in cinematic style byStijn Hoekstra, you'll surely enjoy this featured set. The Amsterdam-basedcinematographer and photographer wows us again with his beautiful photography, this time with a series of cinematic snaps of winter in his city.

The Four Seasons Through My Living Room

This has been a project I've been working on since last year. A friend of mine suggested that a multi seasonal photo set would look great for a blog post. As the months went on it was getting hard to remain consistent with the different locations and only the living room set was completed.

I Photographed Amazing Polar Bears And Cubs In The Wild

Hi, I am a wildlife photographer David Hemmings from British Columbia, Canada. I have been photographing wildlife for many years. My most memorable and amazing wildlife encounters will always be these mother polar bears with their only weeks-old cubs.

Why You Should Visit Venice In Winter!

I have been to Venice a long time ago and all I could remember were the crazy crowds. No wonder, I visited it in summer. Last weekend, I decided to visit Venice in the winter with my girlfriend.

7 Lightroom Tips to Transform Your Winter Photos

The frigid winter months provide an exceptional opportunity to capture unique photos, but they arent the easiest to create due to extreme weather conditions and the many post-processing nuances related to snowy winter photography.

This Aerial Photo Shows How Winter Changes New York City

Photographer Paul Seibert created this beautiful aerial photo that shows how New York City changes between winter and summer. About half the frame shows a snowy winter view while the other portion shows the summer cityscape.

Winter In Iceland

I come to Iceland several times in year, but my favourite season there is winter. Why winter, when there's darkness most of the time and the weather is rough? The answer is simple. I love the atmosphere of being in the mountains alone, watching northern light and stars, feeling the energy of island and the ocean.

A Girl And Her Husky

It took a few month of planning to create this set of images. We found a husky owner that was willing to let us photograph their dog together with my daughter. The inspiration behind the image was the fact that the husky's eyes are very much like my daughter's and thought it might make a great combination.

I Made A Winter Series With My Two Cats

Last December something unexpected happened… it snowed! I (Felicity Berkleef) live in The Netherlands. People that live in The Netherlands, know that snow is very very rare. Especially because we also didn't have snow in December for a couple of years.

Frozen The Non-Disney Version

Once a year, if it gets cold enough my husband and I go to the shore of Lake Michigan. We look for and photograph natural ice sculptures. This year we went to Openlands Lakeshore Preserve, and the Lake Forest Harbor located about 35 miles north of Chicago.

Photos of Frozen Waves in an Alpine Colorado Lake

Every once in a while, the natural world can surprise us, inspire us with something unexpected and unique, particularly to the eyes of an artist. Such a moment came when I made my first visit to a specific alpine lake in Colorado, revered for its location amidst towering craggy spires and the stark reflections it […]

Ive Got Lost In The Winter Wonderland And Captured These Photographs (14 Pics)

Real winter is hardly seen in Europe nowadays. Global warming causes a lack of snow also in Slovak and Polish mountains. When our countries were sinking in the snow in previous years, there are only short periods of time now, when we can spot the amazingly beautiful hills and valleys covered by a think layer of the infinite number of tiny snowflakes.

Beard Club Makes Calendar To Raise Money For Charity

In 2018 our little western Colorado beard club decided to make a calendar to raise money for a local charity that helps homeless teen youth start over. Our community liked it so we decided to make another calendar for 2020.

A Winters Dance Japans Red Crowned Cranes

The Red-Crowned Cranes – called tanchozuru in Japanese - are deeply treasured in Japan. Quite literally the stuff of legends, cranes of all varieties have long been regarded as mythical as dragons, with their fabled 1,000-year lifespan making them synonymous with happiness and longevity.

Winter In Siberia, On Lake Baikal

We made a winter trip on the frozen Baikal Lake. This is the largest lake on earth. Located in Russia, southern Siberia, between Irkutsk Oblast.

Drone Or Microscope?

Spent my day to looking after interesting shapes on the melting ice of Lake Balaton, in Hungary.

Last Days Of Winter

The past months I went to frozen days of winter and endless hours of darkness. Although I was born in autumn, I really love those long and lazy summer days, so during these shortest days of the year, I'm really counting the hours of the returning of spring.