Five of Our Top Camera Bag Picks For Street Photographers

Street Photographers, you may know one or you may be one, but regardless of your status, there is one thing about street photographers that’s a given. Unlike other professions where the luxury of taking their camera bag off their back to be set down is a possibility, for most street photographers this is not an option.

They must be able to carry their gear around comfortably for long stretches of time, and let’s be honest, not all camera bags out there are going to be good for that type of use. Today, we wanted to highlight some of our top camera/gear bag picks for street photographers in mind. As well, if you have a big street photography kit or a small street photography kit, it makes no difference, we will have options below that appeal to a wide variety of photographers with varying amounts of gear. .

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2018-7-9 13:00

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