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Heres a Free 2.5-Hour Tutorial on How to Shoot Portraits with Speedlights

If you’ve been wanting to get better at shooting portraits with speedlights but aren’t sure where to start, check out this free 2.5-hour tutorial by UK photographer Damien Lovegrove. Shot back in 2009, the tutorial shows Lovegrove demonstrating 23 different setups using one or more flashes, from simple one-flash portraits to setups that use 3 […] petapixel.com

2020-8-4 19:47

Love Blooms In Every Color: Photography Project I Created To Show How Beautiful Diversity Is

The vision came several years ago, after watching my young daughter playing with classmates on the playground. I thought "How beautiful it is to see these innocent babies of so many diverse cultures and backgrounds, playing together with such unity, knowing no concept of "difference". They only see friends. boredpanda.com

2020-7-15 21:52

Photography Cheat Sheet: How to Figure Out What Aperture You Need

Whether you're shooting in manual or aperture priority mode, setting the right aperture to put depth of field to work is one of the decisions that you'll have to do with confidence. Whatever the kind of photography that you do, your choice of aperture will determine not only how bright your results look, but also how much of the scene looks sharply focused. thephoblographer.com

2020-6-16 07:00

Video: Try This to Improve the Autofocus of Your Camera and Lens

You've all heard about cleaning your sensor. But how many of you clean your lenses? And we're not just talking about the front element, but what about the contacts. And what about the autofocus contacts of your camera? How many of you are too scared to do it in the same way that you're too afraid to clean your sensor? In one of our recent episodes of Pro Camera Reviews, Editor in Chief Chris Gampat decided to show everyone how he keeps his cameras working each and every time correctly. thephoblographer.com

2020-6-5 13:00