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Landscape Photography Advice: Stop Focusing on Gear and Specs

During the global lockdown, many landscape photographers who would normally be traveling the world and leading workshops have found themselves cooped up at home. Away from their element on location and with an abundance of free time, they’ve joined the online circuit of photography webinars, panels and interviews. For people still refining their own approach […] petapixel.com »

2020-7-15 20:39

Redditors Call Out “Female Privilege” in Candid Photography

We all know the stereotype — a middle-aged man with a big camera and long lens, photographing people passing by. He must be a creep, a child snatcher, a voyeur with ill intention. I feel confident in saying that, most of the time, the labeling is unfair, and most people have good ethics and only want to capture candid moments. thephoblographer.com »

2020-7-14 19:00

Sony World Photography Awards’2021: конкурсы Professional, Open, Youth и Student открыты для приема работ

Всемирная организация фотографии (World Photography Organisation), основной партнер компании Sony по организации Sony World Photography Awards (SWPA), объявила о начале приема работ для участия в этом уже в 14-м международном конкурсе. photowebexpo.ru »

2020-7-7 19:52

Объявлен старт нового этапа Sony World Photography Awards

Всемирная организация фотографии объявила начало приема заявок на 14-й этап глобального фотоконкурса Sony World Photography Awards, который стартует 1 июля 2020 года, а также представила новые категории и форматы подачи заявок. prophotos.ru »

2020-7-7 15:04

5 YouTube Channels to Watch for Those New to Portrait Photography

If you've been experimenting with portrait photography, then you'll know by now that it's not easy. Getting the perfect portrait requires skill, experience, and a lot of learning. Thankfully, in the digital era, with the likes of YouTube being at the forefront of content consumption, plenty of experienced photographers are happy to share their knowledge with the world. thephoblographer.com »

2020-7-5 07:00

“Love Blooms In Every Color”: Photography Project I Created To Show How Beautiful Diversity Is

The vision came several years ago, after watching my young daughter playing with classmates on the playground. I thought "How beautiful it is to see these innocent babies of so many diverse cultures and backgrounds, playing together with such unity, knowing no concept of "difference". They only see friends. boredpanda.com »

2020-7-15 21:52

12 Лучших работ Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020

Всё больше уморительных работ появляется на конкурсе Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, и вот некоторые из лучших изображений, представленных на данный момент. Конкурс существует уже 6 лет. Работы принимаются до 30 июня. photar.ru »

2020-6-17 20:32

Photography Cheat Sheet: How to Figure Out What Aperture You Need

Whether you're shooting in manual or aperture priority mode, setting the right aperture to put depth of field to work is one of the decisions that you'll have to do with confidence. Whatever the kind of photography that you do, your choice of aperture will determine not only how bright your results look, but also how much of the scene looks sharply focused. thephoblographer.com »

2020-6-16 07:00

Объявлены победители Sony World Photography Awards 2020

Всемирная организация фотографии объявила победителей престижного конкурса Sony World Photography Awards 2020. Звание «Фотограф года» (Photographer of the Year) и приз в 25 тысяч долларов получил уругвайский фотограф Пабло Альбаренга / Pablo Albarenga за свой цикл работ «Семена сопротивления» / Seeds of Resistance. photar.ru »

2020-6-11 18:53