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The Roller Coaster Ride of Creatives

When I speak to artistic photographers, those who are truly passionate about their work, I often begin by talking about the roller-coaster ride of all creatives. I say that on a roller coaster, the highs are high and the lows are low, but that roller-coaster ride is much more interesting than being on a merry-go-round. […] petapixel.com

2020-6-4 17:19

The Leica Digital Cameras That Will Become Classics

Leica cameras are lusted after by many photographers. For most of us, the cameras that are put out by the legendary German manufacturer are out of our reach due to their pricing; but what if we told you that you can get your hands on some slightly older Leica digital cameras that won't break the bank? Not only are these Leica digital cameras affordable, but they're also incredible performers that will help you create some truly gorgeous images. thephoblographer.com

2020-5-30 13:00

Shutterstock announces new earnings structure and contributors are anything but happy

Stock photography company Shutterstock is taking heat after announcing in a post on its contributor forum that its putting a new earnings structure in place starting June 1, 2020. Under the new structure, photographers and videographers will get compensated via a percentage of the sales price based on the level their photo and/or video are rated, with the level being determined by the number of times their content is licensed. dpreview.com

2020-5-28 22:00

Sony PRO Support is being extended 6 months for members, free of charge

Sony has informed DPReview that it will be extending its Sony Imaging PRO Support platform for all members for an additional six months due to the current global situation. No press release was issued, but in an email shared with DPReview (embedded below) via a spokesperson, Sony says PRO Support members will have an extra six months of service added free of charge, immediately and automatically. dpreview.com

2020-5-13 00:48

Video: Turn almost any mirrorless or DSLR camera into a high-end Zoom webcam on macOS

Fuji X-Photographer Kim Farrelly recently published a video explaining how to use a mirrorless or DSLR camera as a webcam with Zoom without using a capture card. The tutorial is only applicable to macOS, enabling photographers who are now working from home to utilize the camera hardware they already own rather than having to purchase a standalone webcam, which are increasingly hard to find. dpreview.com

2020-5-13 21:57

Filmmaker uses COVID-19 work lull to make and sell $10 3D-printed camera battery cases

A documentary film maker from Utah has designed and built a series of battery holder magazines that he says help to solve the problem of knowing which batteries are fresh and which are depleted. The 3D printed magazines hold three or four batteries from common cameras and allow the batteries to be inserted contacts up for dead batteries and down for fresh ones. dpreview.com

2020-5-7 01:25