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6 Powerful Point and Shoot Cameras for Discreet Street Photography

Street photography is a genre that requires a certain finesse. You have to be able to capture images quickly, and in a lot of cases, discreetly. Having the ability to be able to blend in with the crowd with a camera that doesn't say "look at me" is a must, and so is one that is small enough to not get banged, tossed and roughed up while walking through the busy streets.

2019-04-30 01:00


The Ethics of Photojournalism

From time to time when I read about Street Photography, I hear the opinion that street photographers exploit people on the street by taking their picture without asking. This opinion raises some valid questions about the ethics of Street Photography, but also shows the double standards we follow in the media. Nature of Documentary Photography […]

2017-04-03 18:55

Street Photography and Kodak Tri-X Film: 62 Years of Going With The Grain

In recent years, thanks in part to social media and the ease with which participants can share images, street photography has enjoyed unprecedented popularity. A generation of digital cameras, inspired in part by the classic tools of street shooters, has combined with the power of social networks and easy image sharing to empower a new generation of photographers to embrace street photography.

2017-02-22 21:22

Giovanni Aiello Captures Candid And Spontaneous Moments In Street Photography

There are typically two extremes to street photography approach: one being completely stealthy and ninja-like to capture spontaneous, unposed and original moments happening on the streets as if the photographer was merely observing without active interaction (eg Henri Cartier-Bresson), as opposed to straight in the face, direct confrontational approach (eg Bruce Gilden).

2016-12-13 20:03