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Sony a7R IV for Wildlife Photography: A Killer Combination of Resolution, Speed, and Autofocus

A lot has been said about the ultra-high resolution Sony a7R IV when it comes to shooting portraits, studio work, or landscapes–basically everywhere high resolution is a must. But what about wildlife photography? Seattle-based wildlife photographer Aaron Baggenstos took the camera to Africa to find out. petapixel.com

2019-12-3 22:52

Adobe Enhance Details Increases RAW Photo Resolution By Up to 30%

Adobe has announced a new feature for Lightroom and Camera Raw called Enhance Details. It harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to produce more detail and fewer issues in RAW photos. More specifically, the feature uses machine learning and computational photography to rethink how RAW photos are demosaiced (in which data captured through a digital […] petapixel.com

2019-2-13 19:56

Rylo software update increases video resolution from 4K to 5.8K

The Rylo is a consumer-grade 360-degree camera that allows you to capture 360-degree video and later select a region of the image from which to create a standard 16:9 HD video. In our review of the device we found the concept to work pretty well but had one point of criticism: the camera's 4K resolution wasn't quite enough to create standard video with good detail. dpreview.com

2018-11-9 21:32

Phase Ones New IQ4 System Serves Up 151-Megapixels

Phase one has announced its latest medium format camera and the IQ4 system is ready to set new standards in high resolution. The system is actually made up of three digital back options; the full-fat IQ4 150MP, the IQ4 Achromatic 150MP and the IQ4 Trichromatic 100MP, with the last option (as its name suggests) serving up just 100-megapixels, while the other two options offer the full 151-megapixel experience. digitalrev.com

2018-8-30 03:00

Only a 576 Megapixel would sort of match the human eye resolution

Every time we see the same question on forums and blogs: When will the Megapixel war end? Well the easy answer is of course…never! But if you are curious to know at what point a camera will have the same resolution as the Human Eye well watch the video below: The easy answer is 576 […] The post Only a 576 Megapixel would sort of match the human eye resolution appeared first on sonyalpharumors. sonyalpharumors.com

2017-9-17 14:24